Leave your heart~❤️

Leave your heart on the wild winds that following you through forest trails, tussle your hair and remind you that a higher power is always at work.

Leave your heart in the rapture of moonlight and the glow of stars when you awe at the brilliance they leave in the sky.

Leave your heart on the peaks of mountains that call you to explore and on savage river rapids and ocean waves that carry you to new people, places and incredible adventures.

Leave your heart in the hands of your inner-child and the magic, playfulness and curiosity they possess.

Leave your heart on the kites that take flight and in the sun drenched fields your mind races through as you ponder the mystery of you.

Leave your heart in the passion that will become words on a page, the colours on a canvass, the beats of the songs you sing and the notes you play.

Leave your heart on the things that ignite your soul and bring you to life, so those that follow might be inspired to shine.

Leave your heart in a state of wonder, excitement, anticipation and be always grateful that you were chosen to live this insanely, amazing, earthly, adventure.

When’s it’s all over, make sure your heart is left behind on the dust that rides in on rays of sunlight ~ reminding the world that you were here.


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