Fear, the invisible beast

Fear, the invisible beast that doesn’t exist but is capable of breaking into our lives and stealing our dreams.

The moment we face it. It’s gone.

We give our fear of “what if” an incredible amount of power.
Once we deal with the thing we are afraid of, the fear disappears. It’s like an angry gate-keeper or the troll under the bridge, once you get past it, it’s gone.

I remember my son Ryan saying to me ” Mom I’m afraid to tell you that I got in trouble at school- but I know once I do I won’t be afraid anymore.” 😊.

Afraid to ask for a raise ? Ask, once you do, the fear is gone. You might not get the raise, or you might, but the fear of asking will be gone.
Afraid to ask him out, ask?  He might say no, but he might say yes. Either way the fear will be gone and you can get on with making your life the amazing place it should be.

Fear is just an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is going to cause us pain. While we are busy thinking about our fears, the fear robs us of our freedom, our dreams and our lives.

Worry and fear add no value to our precious lives, so leap into that thing that you fear the most, yup it might be painful or it might be a beautiful thing or it might be nothing at all, unless you leap you’ll never know. Fear destroys more dreams than failure, pain or disappointment ever will.
Live where you fear to live –
Say what you fear to say –
Do what you fear to do, Or don’t, and live an ordinary rather than an extraordinary life.

~ this ones for Ryan, I loved his fearless spirit – ❤️😇.

Toni O’Keeffe ~ The Whimsey Angel

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