Stop worrying so much about do little ~

Beautiful friend.
Stop worrying so much about so little.

Don’t worry about the ones that left you behind, be grateful for the ones who are still by your side.

Don’t worry about promises not kept or plans that didn’t work out. They weren’t supposed to, they weren’t meant for you.

Don’t worry about the past or be angry, jealous or spiteful about days gone by. Be grateful for the lessons and move on.

What hurt you yesterday, has already begun to heal today. If yesterday didn’t go exactly as you hoped, today the slate is clean, you get to start over.

We’re all magical, messy, mixed up little souls painting lives that are constantly works in progress. So, my beautiful friend, stop being so hard on yourself and stop worrying so much, about so little.

Be gentle with yourself today and every day.
Just relax you messy little soul, just relax.
TO’K~ 🌹❤️

Pain can be a beautiful teacher~

We learn more during life’s painful moments and challenges, than we learn in our moments of glory.

Each stabbing ache, each crushing disappointment, each heartbreak, every loss or painful fall from grace, allows us an opportunity to grow and become stronger.

Whether it’s emotional or physical; pain forces us to slow down, rest and take the time we need to heal.

Getting knocked down isn’t always a bad thing. Pain can leave us humbled, wiser and more patient. It allows us to lower our veil, be vulnerable, more tolerant and compassionate towards the pain we see or even cause, in others.

Sometimes pain itself is the cure for the things in life that hurt us; as it slows us down long enough to evaluate what and who is important.

When pain knocks on your door, let it in, sit with it. Let it show you what it wants you to see, to learn or to grow into.

Pain always, ALWAYS, brings with it opportunities for transformation. Opportunities to wrap yourself in your cocoon, and when you’re ready, to emerge with greater clarity about who you are, what’s important, why you’re here and how you want to live, love, play and BE.

Pain can be a beautiful teacher. Don’t waste your pain on “the pain” use this opportunity as a stepping stone to chart the next chapter of your journey.

Your pain will hurt you, it will also help, heal and lead you.

TO’K ~ 🌹❤️

Your words have weight. Exercise them carefully.~

I dislike and rarely use, the term “The truth hurts.” because, it doesn’t always have to.

Even when we convey disappointing or unpleasant information, we can still use words to reassure, comfort, support, show empathy, motivate, inspire, educate or encourage optimism.

In a world where it’s easy to use multiple mediums to fire off messages filled with emotional backlash and sometimes dire consequences, we need to choose our words carefully.

It’s not always “the truth” that hurts, it can be the mis-truths, the half truth, the lies, the mean spirited intent behind the words or how a message is delivered, that hurts.

Your words can break a spirit or save it, bring light to someones day or shroud it in darkness, can lift someone up or tear them down, can soften a heart or make it cold, deliver tears of joy or tears of sorrow, can influence opinion and evoke emotion.

Our words are little bullets. On average, most of us fire off approximately 7000 of them every single day. (OK some of us may use a few more than that😊)

When eloquently strung together those 26 little letters (if you speak English) can make up words that move us to create, laugh, cry and touch one another in the most profound ways.

Before you speak or send a message ask yourself; have I been kind? have I been sensitive? is the information true? is the information even necessary?

Then ask yourself “Will my words cause pain or discomfort?” If they will, ask yourself how you can be supportive, inspire or encourage optimism, healing and growth?

It’s equally important to be cautious with your silence. Our words when left unspoken, can be just as powerful. The things we do not say or do not ask or do not explore, can send messages indicating we do not care, we’re not interested or we’ve given up. Words left unspoken sometimes create a void others fill with assumptions. Most often, incorrect assumptions.

Other times your silence is exactly what the situation calls for. It says I’m not going to engage in what might be an emotionally charged setting. So rather than using your words, it might be best to listen compassionately to the words of others.

Your words both spoken and unspoken belong to you. Before you fire them off or keep them locked in your holster, consider the impact and the consequences of each powerful bullet.

No work-out routine, diet program, steroid, or sizeable muscle mass will give you more power than the weight your words.
Exercise them carefully.

Toni O’Keeffe~🌹❤️


By Toni O’Keeffe

What does real human beauty look like?
Is it in the eyes? the lips? the curves on a body?
Is it something we can touch? something that gives pleasure or an emotion we can feel?
Maybe beauty is not what we are, perhaps it’s something we become?
Kindness, positivity, a gentle heart
and the way you shine your light ~
Let these things be the most
beautiful and defining qualities in you.

Toni O’K~🌹❤️


By Toni O’Keeffe

One day I hope you wake up with a sense of “knowing”. A knowing that allows you to realize that each step along your path was a lesson leading you to exactly where you’re supposed to be, which is here living this life, with this tribe.

And in this moment of “knowing”, every heartache, loss, mis-adventure, the chaos, the confusion, the pain, the highs and the lows, are all understood.

And because of this realization, you’re able to release the burden of any, anger, judgment, jealousy, hate or regret, because you now understand these things have never served you, they merely blocked your path.

Yup, one day, I hope we all arrive at this place, a little wiser, kinder, more playful and peaceful, “knowing” we’re all teachers and students, here for each other. And then, we’ll party 🤗🎉

“Let it go, Let it be.
Let you be you, and me be me.”

Toni O’K ~ 🌹❤️

Let the good vibes roll

By Toni O’Keeffe

I wake up “almost” every morning excited about the unexpected adventures, learning, inspiration, sights, and sounds the day might bring.

Will I meet someone new? Will I discover a wee hovel or an amazing vista somewhere?

Perhaps the road I choose today will lead to a spark of creative inspiration that motivates me to paint, write or grow something amazing.

It’s this hope, excitement, anticipation and the day-dreaming that lifts me up, tickles my soul and sets the tone for my day AND my life.

No matter what’s causing you pain, or what’s bringing you down, you can still choose to be optimistic, hopeful and excited about what’s to come.

It’s this hope, optimism and our whimsy little dreams that shape our futures and colour our lives.

It’s easy to let fear, pain, pessimism and a lack of dreams cast dark clouds over your future. It’s much easier to allow hope to guide you and brighten your day.

Despite the darkness, we can choose to gaze towards the light and be the happy, hopefully, kind little humans we’re meant to be.

You can do this by;

  • Recognizing you can change your mind set at anytime.
  • Learning something new and getting excited about where this new knowledge might lead you.
  • Taking up a creative pursuit, or rekindling your love of an abandoned hobby, diving into the arts, music, reading, writing, building or creating.
  • Changing the story you’re playing in your head. We believe what we think we are, so, write a story where you see yourself as amazing, happy, hopeful and healthy.
  • Practicing gratitude.
  • Spending time in nature ( for me, an instant pick me up)
  • Visioning what’s possible!
  • Remembering all storms ( every single one) will pass.
  • Eliminating negative, angry, pessimistic people from your life. These relationships are exhausting.
  • Stop being concerned and judgmental about how others are living their lives.
  • Be kind instead of offended or angry.
  • Be aware of what information, images, and ideas your feeding your beautiful mind.

No matter what’s going on for you today, I hope you choose to be enthusiastic about life and hopeful about everything you still want to do, see, learn, discover and explore.

DON’T let what ails you today, be the building block for your tomorrow.
Let those good vibes roll baby❤️

Love Toni

Quiet spaces


You’re allowed to step away from everything and everyone demanding anything from you.
You don’t have to explain why, you may not even know why.

You’re allowed to stop and go to your sanctuary.
Perhaps it’s amongst the trees or under the stars. You might find it’s next to the lull of moving water, or in an open field of wild flowers or along a trail that leads you to beautiful vistas. A place that’s tranquil, uncluttered and asks nothing of you other than to enjoy her beauty. A place where you can exhale and surrender to the sound of your soul whispering all she wants you to know. A place you can close your eyes and both listen and HEAR.

We all need quiet spaces away from the noise of the world. Spaces we can show up as the confused, messy, tired little beings we all sometimes become. Spaces away from judgement and expectations. Spaces where we can sort ourselves out, put ourselves back together and heal.

You’re allowed to put down the weight and the burdens you carry; to rest, reflect, and catch your breath.

So do that. Give yourself permission to take a break from all of it “IT” and drown yourself in peace.

Toni O’K~ 🌹❤️☮️

Is less, more?

By Toni O’Keeffe

Maybe LESS really is MORE ?

Most of our lives we’re told to be MORE, to want MORE to consume MORE.
Perhaps, we all need to be a little LESS right now?
~ Less doubtful and more optimistic
~ Less offended and more understanding
~ Less worried and more calm
~ Less impatient and more tolerant
~ Less critical of yourself and more self nurturing
~ Less violent and more peaceful
~ Less angry and more loving and kind
~ Less prejudice and more accepting
~ Less greedy and more giving
~ Less negative and more positive
~ Less indifferent and more compassionate
~ Less wasteful and more environmentally conscious
~ Less entitled and more grateful
~ Less busy and more chill baby😊
~ Less blinded by truth, and more acknowledging of where humanity has faltered and failed, so we can ALL finally heal.

Imagine if we were all a little bit LESS; how much MORE we could ALL be together.

Toni O’K~🌹❤️

Why do we park our Happiness?

By Toni O’Keeffe

Our entire lives we’re on a quest to feel whole and happy. As we wait for happiness to arrive, some of us fill the empty spaces in our lives with distractions, temporary highs, busyness, unfulfilling relationships, toxic substances, material possessions and the debt that often comes with them, but still, the emptiness remains.

As children we knew how to laugh, how to play and what made us happy. It was being close to the ones we loved, exercising our curiosity, exploring our environment, creating adventures, making art, splashing in puddles, running barefoot in the rain, playing in a forest or a pond, taking risks and trusting we’d be okay, even if we fell; these are the things that filled us up.

Then, as we grew, life became cluttered with distractions, busyness, possessions, stress, too much information, self doubt and responsibility. Many of us parked our creativity, abandoned our curious nature, spent less time with those we loved and we stopped doing those wonderful things that made us happy when we we’re children.

It’s time to invite the child who lives in each of us to come out and play, to remember the happiness we felt when we set ourselves free from the clutter and distractions that bog us down.

Even amidst the frenzied noise and turmoil in the world, we can still CHOOSE to be happy.

Today is a good day;
~ To look up and see the world through the curious eyes of the child in you and reclaim your sense of wonder.
~ To seek out a new adventure and bask in the beauty around you.
~ To flip over a few rocks along the shoreline and see what scurries out.
~ To pull out a colouring book, make a kite, play in the sand, go to a park and get on a swing, hang off a monkey bar, make a mud pie or do some happy finger painting on your guest room wall.
~ To giggle, to play and melt back into your authentic happy little self.

Today’s a good day to be happy.
To let go and jump, skip, slide, soar, surf, run, ride, sail, paddle or swim, right past anything blocking your path to happiness.

You came into this world knowing where happiness resides, it’s still there waiting for you to unleash its power over your life.

Love Toni 🌹❤️

You don’t have to fit in

Let’s stop telling each other to “fit in”.
We either fit or we don’t.
If we don’t, we’re not supposed to.

If I tried to force my body into a size 0 pair of jeans, the experience would be painful. I’d look awful, I’d be uncomfortable, feel horrible and I wouldn’t be able to move or share my gifts.

So why do we try and make souls fit where they’re not supposed to? or, be things they’re not meant to be?

Our “have to fit in” culture has caused generations of beautiful, creative, intelligent, loving souls to feel less than they are and has stifle their contribution to the world.

The world needs your kind of magic.
Don’t hide the colourful, quirky, woo-woo in you.
If you do, how will your tribe ever find you?

Toni O’K ~🌹❤️