Sweet, simple moments.

March 29 – 2017

It’s not fancy restaurants, expensive jewels, extravagant gestures or even my pay cheque that warm my heart and give my life meaning. It’s simple, precious moments that add up to a beautiful life.
Listening to rain fall on a lazy Sunday while sipping on a perfect cup of coffee.
Walking in a snow covered forest and appreciating the sounds of silence.
Having nowhere to go and nothing to do other than be with the ones I love.
Getting excited about swapping kale recipes with my son.
Laughing really hard with friends about really stupid stuff.
Watching children play and letting puppies lick my nose.
Reconnecting with an old friend and picking up where we left off decades ago.
Campfires next to the ocean while the sun melts into the sea.
Raspberries and random acts of Christmas. New socks.
The first scoop of peanut butter when you open a new jar.
The smell and feel of warm sheets coming out of the dryer.
And, gazing up at the stars and realizing how small but miraculous we all really are. These are the things I love, the things that matter, the things that warm my heart and make my life a happy place to be.
Oh and…
Rain drops on rose
And whiskers on kittens – 😉
~ IMG_2649TO’K🌹❤️

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