We are in this together

IMG_2645April 25, 2017

I’m sitting with my puppy in my lap, retired (for now😊) sipping on an amazing cup of coffee -reflecting on the past couple of weeks and how grateful I am.

Life is a gift. It is simple and beautiful. When we are grateful for each moment, each day, every soul (human and animal) that touches our life and grateful for everything that happens along the way, life just gets better and better.

Even the moments that are filled with grief, heartache, longing, sorrow and pain are gifts of learning. These moments “are” our lives and are shared with a cast of awesome characters made up of old souls that teach and guide us, young souls that challenge and resist us, lost souls that are seeking to find their own truth and cling to us for a period of time.

The beautiful thing about being human is that we can choose to love and be grateful for all these interesting teachers for the learning and adventure they bring into our life. Each soul we meet helps us write our story, and that’s something to be grateful for.

Even better is that together we are writing a collective story. Some people say we are born alone and we die alone, I don’t believe we do. Everything that has happened to me from the moment of my birth to the day I die will effect the rest of my soul group and I will effect them. We are not alone, we are on this great big cosmic camp-out with 7.5 billion other people and, our lives are interconnected whether we like it or not. This fact really hit me this past weekend as I celebrated my 40th high school reunion. The shared history and cultural experience with this group of beautiful people has created a bond that will last for the rest of my life. And, I’m grateful for that and all of them.

Once we understand that every moment is an opportunity to shape our life story and the life stories of others maybe we will all walk a little more gently on the world and be a little more compassionate and loving to every soul we meet along the way. Your ripple is greater than you think.

Yup, we’re on this wild ride together. We all come from the same place and will return to the same place. Religion, Race, sexual orientation, political stripes, social class, those that like Starbucks vs those that like “Timmys”, has created the illusion that we are separate from one another but “we are all one big tribe baby”, so we may as well get along.


Toni O’Keeffe, The Whimsey Angel

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