What’s a Canadian?

IMG_2639July 1, 2017

What is a Canadian?
Well, I suppose the view from the rest of the world is that we’re a bunch of maple syrup and bacon eating, plaid wearing, beer drinking, loggers, toting hockey bags out of our igloos and into our canoes to get to the Timmy’s “row-through” before early morning hockey practice. They (the rest of the world) see us as a friendly lot that play our fiddles and Bar-B-Q bacon and cheddar moose burgers on the weekends, (how we do this from our backyards without melting our Igloos remains a secret that we will continue to keep from the rest of the world)
But, who are we really?
We are a beautiful blend of many races and religions from around the globe.
This colourful mix of ethnic and lifestyle diversity has inspired tolerance, kindness, understanding and compassion (yes we still have some work to do). This makes us a people that open our doors to the worlds wounded, downtrodden and outcast.

We are curious explorers that have been drawn to the pristine lakes, majestic mountains, serene forests, rolling prairie and spectacular coast lines that we call home. This appreciation of the natural world has made us leaders in environmental stewardship and guardians of the wildlife that share this land.

Having access to universal health care, social infrastructure, education, clean water, strong human rights policy and basic equality (things that over 70% of the worlds population still live without) make us among the most fortunate people on the planet.

In addition to Poutine, Nanaimo bars and butter tarts, we have introduced the world too; the telephone, Insulin, AM radio, Sonar, hockey, the Cardiac Pacemaker, the alkaline battery, computerized braille, William Shatner, Michael Bubble, snowblowers(makes sense) and fog horns, OK and Justine Bieber.
We are not just that little country north of the US, we are the second largest country in the world, with one of the strongest economies. We consistently rank among the best places in the world to live, work and play.
So as you celebrate the 150 years that this country has stood proud, give thanks to those pioneers, your ancestors and mine that evolved Canada into a place where we could live strong and free.
Finally, you’re nice, I’m nice, your neighbours are nice and I’m sorry if anything in this post offends you😬
Sorry for saying sorry.
Happy Canada Day eh’🇨🇦



Toni O’Keeffe, The Whimsey Angel

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