You still can

IMG_2637July 22, 2017

I dreamt I was having a deep conversation with my 100-year-old self.
I asked the 100-year-old version of me, “When you look back on your life, what would you have done differently?”
Heres what she said;
I wish I had ;
….been more courageous with my love.
….listened more thoughtfully.
….done more to protect the planet.
….worked less and played more.
….been a better friend.
….shown more gratitude.
….made a difference in the lives of others
….spent more time with my children.
….traveled to more interesting places.
….met my soul-mate
… told “YOU” more often that I loved you.

Then, in my dream, I leaned in, looked into her beautiful, tired, longing blue eyes and whispered…
“YOU still can.”



Toni O’Keeffe, The Whimsey Angel

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