The mirrors we run into

IMG_2852I had the opportunity to spend an afternoon with a new acquaintance. The instant we met, his frantic surge of energy hit like a heavy, thunderous wave crashing over me, filling every pore of my being and leaving me completely disoriented.
His wild hand gesturing, thought after disorganized thought streaming from his mouth and mind were impossible to keep up with. As I tried to keep pace with the speed of his words and watched his arms flail about and his hands emphasize punctuation, I finally realized what it must have been like for people to interact with me over the years. Especially those that have worked with or for me.
He was exhausting. I was so stuck by his energy level, I’m pretty certain I lost 90% of what he was saying. He was a beautiful mirror and teacher that allowed me to witness the impact my own elevated energy has likely had on others. And, for this learning and observation I am very grateful.
I also had a great deal of compassion for this man. I understand the whirl that goes on inside a mind like that where there is a constant rush of thoughts, concepts, opinions, images and new ideas that have to be released. Always searching for a harbour to anchor all of it so your mind can rest.
In observing him I also came to appreciate that my own energy level, (which in the past could easily be on par with this individual) has become much calmer in the few short months since I retired. And, for this I am also grateful.

I’m thankful that this beautiful teacher walked into my life for a brief moment. Through observing him I will remain more attuned to the energy I bring into the lives of others and the world around me.
I have always believed that no one shows up in our life by accident. We are all mirrors in each other’s lives, reflecting truth that we sometimes try to ignore. When we remain open to receiving the learning from these reflections, we grow. So, be grateful for the mirrors you run into.
TO’K ~🌹❤️

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