Autumn calls

September 9, 2017

And in an instant it had arrived, Autumn was here. The busy humid days of summer had been replaced by a cooler, soothing morning rain. As I walked my two pups Bailey and Bo along the path beside the calm waters of the Nicomekl river, I was struck by how seemingly overnight the feel and the views along the path had changed. A peaceful silence hung over me while I walked. A carpet of yellow, orange and rust coloured leaves covered the trail in front of me and crackled as the pups and I moved across them. There was not another person in sight. Leaves continued to float through the air and I smiled as my pups tried to catch them before they hit the ground. The river was clearly in view between the barron tree branches that only a few days ago had been full and green.
Smoke from burning brush in a nearby yard was on the air and the smell brought with it a rush of memories of my youth when I would burn leaves with my dad.
The peacefulness of this morning was soothing, yet eerie. How can this place feel so different in only a few days? I then thought about the fires, hurricanes and other natural disasters sweeping across the world devastating the landscape in mere minutes. The power of mother nature is incredible and like most things in life, is completely out of our hands.
We cannot take her for granted.
In the middle of my meandering thoughts, the cloud above that had only been drizzling until now, burst open and streams of rain came pounding down. Again Mother Nature was in charge. I scooped up my pups and darted back to the car splashing through small puddles that seemed to have formed in an instant. Covered with muddy little paw prints and streaks of rain running down my glasses, I was relieved to get to my car. We were drenched. Yet I knew I was safe and had a tea kettle and a hot shower to go home too, which is more than millions of people have at this moment as they face the natural disasters around the globe.
Feeling grateful for being in this beautiful and peaceful place today. Grateful for the rain and hope it makes its way to the parts of our Province and Washington that need it most.

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