October 27, 2017
I am so grateful for this past week. It was a perfect and beautiful blend of time spent with family and friends, including my four-legged furry friends, meaningful work, community service, time spent in nature nurturing my body and soul, sunshine, some creative expression, a bit of problem solving and music ( and it’s not over yet😊)
Ahhhhh, so this is what life balance looks and feels like. I like it.

I think we (I) feel out of balance when the demands of the outside world consume our days and encroach on our inner peace, leaving our hearts, our minds, our bodies, our spirit and our passions feeling empty and craving the things that feed, inspire and light us up.

This past week has reminded me that I can achieve the elusive harmony or balance I’ve been on a quest for. I just have to fill the parts of me that feel empty, and dump some of the things, and yes people, that drain me.

So when your heart feels empty spend time with people that make you laugh, people that “get you” support and encourage you and lift you up. Or hang out with puppies and little kids, they’re so authentic and have great energy.

When the mind feels foggy and your head aches, feed it with beautiful dreams, positive thoughts, new wisdom, great books, music, engaging conversations or anything that challenges your thinking.

Feed your body nutritionally and physically, because it’s the only one you’ve got – this is your vehicle for life. We all know what we have to do.

Feed your spirit by going into nature and dipping your toes in the ocean, your feet in the sand, your hands in the earth, your eyes on the sky or your face to the wind.

Express your creativity; for me that’s building fairy houses – writing bad poetry or writing ridiculously long Facebook posts.

Feed your passions with work, hobbies or community service that you love and get you excited.

Eliminate toxic people, toxic habits, toxic substances and “things” that weight you and your energy down. **** point of clarification here, chocolate, coffee and wine are not toxic in my world, they are magical elixirs ***😜

We all need to balance our connection between our inner world and our outer world. What that looks like for each of us will be different.
It’s like we each have these 5-6 selves inside of us vying for attention ( OK – that just got weird for some of you didn’t it? 😊) they all need a bit of your time.

I’m feeling very grateful for my truly interesting, sometimes head scratching life and the learning it has brought me. Also grateful for the cast of characters that show up each day. If you have read this thus far, thanks for being one of those interesting characters. I think you’re fricking amazing.

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