You are not broken

September 29, 2017

You are not broken. Neither am I.
We are walking different paths.
Your journey might be about falling down and getting up over and over again.
My journey might be about loss.
My neighbours journey might be about acceptance and compassion.
I won’t judge you for the path you’re on, don’t judge me for mine.
We’re here to learn.
Our lives are not supposed to look the same.
The stuff that happens to us along the way is a gift. Even the hard stuff.
If you perceive your life as broken that’s how you’ll feel.
If you perceive your life as an amazing classroom, you’ll greet each day with wonder and excitement.
And, if you meet souls along the way that want to walk beside you while you both go through your ” stuff” well, that’s a beautiful thing.
Wishing you a wonderful weekend.
TO’K ~ 🌹❤️

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