Love yourself enough to be alone.

A2136EB4-3AA7-4714-8473-B8DD7D2D8CE7I believe that we have to learn how to be happy alone before we will truly be happy with others. I have come to appreciate, in-fact relish, my alone time and have found great learning and peacefulness in these moments that for most of my life have been non-existent.

Most of our lives we look outward, often to another person, to find happiness and settlement, when really, to grow into the best, happy, loving, peaceful versions of ourselves, the place to look is inward.

This alone time is my personal space to create, putter, ponder and wander. It’s when I’m alone that I can soften my heart and quiet my mind. I can work on letting go of the noise caused by regret, grief, doubt, disappointment, heartache and make space for new ideas, beliefs, people and experiences to come into my life.
I hope you also love yourself enough to give yourself the gift of being alone 🌹❤️.

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