My soul cry’s out

28A9FC73-58BC-48EC-81B3-9EE738612AE3.jpegMy soul cries out for something greater – bolder – brighter – deeper.
Something more than just the words and thoughts that stream from my mind and heart.
I know that this is the voice I have to listen too – the cry of my soul.
But, I don’t always listen, I have allowed the cluttered, chaotic sounds of a busy and disturbed world take over and I conform.
Be still, be silent, all of us, and listen.
Our little blue planet is screaming – our souls are screaming. We’re not living the way we’re supposed too.
We all come from the same place, we’re all going home to the same place.
We have created artificial walls, boarders, religions, laws and societies that we believe separate us, we fool ourselves into thinking some are better or worse or more entitled. But really we’re all the same. We are not separate, everything that happens to one, happens to us all.
We can be greater – bolder- better- brighter, we just have listen to the collective cries of our weeping souls.

TO’K ~ 🌹❤️

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