Create the space for light

If there’s too many trees in the forest, none of them can grow to their full potential. They block the light from one another and nothing new can take root.

Life is like that.

When we’re surrounded by too much

stuff, negativity or busyness, we can’t see or feel the light that’s trying to find its way to us.

Its okay to let go of people, things,

attitudes and beliefs that no longer support your life. This includes letting go of any negative beliefs you have about yourself, your potential and your worthiness.

When we remove the heaviness

that no longer belongs, sometimes

we find that the things and people we’ve been searching for were always there, they were merely hidden behind what had to leave.

Create the “space between the trees” so light can shine in, and your beautiful light can shine out🌟.

TO’K ~ 🌹❤️

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