Artists, universal equalizers

To those that share their creative talents and poetic selves with the rest of the world, thank you for sharing your gift.

To the musicians that raise our spirits to dance, stir our hearts to sing and move us to celebrate; Your notes and songs tell the tales and reveal the secrets hidden in our souls. You help us express the emotions and feelings that are often locked deep inside of us. When you play everything, even love and loss, make sense. Your music binds us and helps humanity mark time in ways that no other thing can.

To the artists that blend colour with light, alter shape and form, awaken the imagination and bring canvas, clay, glass, wood, stone or the stage to life; Your talents soothe the souls of a tired and too busy world. You allow us to see and imagine our lives and the world differently.

To the poets and writers that help us escape; You make our eyes weep with joy, our hearts swoon and our minds think. You provide a refuge and give us the words that define and explain our own lives.

You all courageously share intimate pieces of yourselves through your art and help us find the pathways to our own passions.

You are the universal equalizers that eclipse boarders, politics, race, gender, religion and war, and bring people together.

You feed the hunger we all have to express who we are. You help make sense of, and bring peace and harmony to an unsettled and chaotic world.

Thank you for the gift of your creative self❤️.

TO’K ~🌹❤️

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