Thankful for you

I’m thankful for you❤️.

I am thankful for all the beautiful souls in my life.

The ones that lift me up, make me laugh, make me happy and bring me joy.

The ones that reaffirm the health benefits of chocolate or baileys in my coffee to eaze my guilt when I indulge 😊.

The ones that say,”yup it’s hurricane force winds out there and pissing rain ☔️ but I’ll walk around the lake with you, get soaken wet and maybe pneumonia so we can spend some time together.

The ones I share silly secrets with that make us giggle when we get together. The ones that share a history with me and no matter how much time goes by, when we reconnect it’s like no time has past at all.

The ones that have the courage to tell me what I need to hear, not what I want to hear.

The souls I have never met but still feel connected to through our likemindedness and a tether that connects our hearts 💕.

The ones that get my humour and I get theirs and we have fun being weirdos together(no matter how professional we have to be at our day jobs).

The ones that couldn’t care less about the gray hairs and wrinkles that are starting to show up.

The ones that show up in my life when I need them most, just because they “know” I need them in that place and time.

And, the ones that have shown up in the past couple of years since I originally wrote this, you are all a beautiful blessing in this crazy journey we call life.

So, to all the souls that make or have made, my life the amazing adventure that it is 😊~ I give thanks 🙏 to you this weekend.


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