We spend our lives waiting.

Waiting in line, waiting for the right time, the right person, the right place.

Waiting for winter, for spring, for summer and waiting for fall.

Waiting for it to be warmer, to be colder.

Waiting for the sun to rise, for the sun to set.

Waiting until we loose weight and get in shape.

Waiting for our children to arrive, our children to grow, our children to leave and our children to return home again.

Waiting to find a job, to find a better job, to retire.

Waiting to make money, waiting to make more money.

Waiting for somethings to begin and other things to end.

Waiting to find “the one” then, to find the next “one”

Waiting to find ourselves and understand our purpose.

Waiting to do the thing we’ve always dreamt of doing.

And when the thing we’ve been waiting for finally arrives, we start waiting for something else.

We will barely remember “it” because“it” sped by so fast as we were waiting for the next thing to show up.

Slow down, be present, stop waiting and just BE.

Appreciate where you’re at; even if it’s painful.

Be grateful for this moment, this time, this lesson, the joy, the sorrow, whatever it is, BE with it.

When we spend too much time waiting, we start to worry and negative feelings of fear, doubt, jealousy, regret and other emotions creep in.

The world is loud, chaotic, demanding, creating expectations of how we’re supposed to live and what we should aspire to be, programming us to wait for the next big thing.

Tune it out.

All you have to BE is YOU.

No matter how long you’ve waited or how prepared you are, IF ITS MEANT FOR YOU, it will arrive.

No amount of waiting or worry will slow down its arrival or speed it up.

Embrace the unexpected. The best things in life arrive when we least expect them.

So stop waiting because really, what are you waiting for exactly?

TO’K ~ 🌹❤️

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