What’s calling you?

You were born with a “calling”, a “ gift”, a “talent”, and it’s meant to be exercised and shared.

Your calling might be creating music, poetry, art, laughter, or joy. It could be building, healing, teaching, cooking, inspiring, protecting, inventing or caring for or being of service to others. It could be anything.

Depending on the cultural, religious, social and political environments we grow up in, our natural callings might be stifled. We may be forced to put our callings aside and place ourselves into boxes that fit our environment, but don’t fit us.

When we’re NOT exercising our callings we’re not being our authentic selves and, we might feel un-easy, sad, depressed, frustrated, confused and a sense of longing to find and understand ourselves creeps in. We might feel uninspired, lethargic or bored and adopt toxic habits and addictive or risky behaviours in order to feel something and fill the void of whats missing. This dis-ease, can make us physically and mentally unwell.

When we’re doing what we’re born to do, we “feel”it. We feel inspired and motivated, we feel joy, a sense of purpose and we feel grateful and happy.

Some people know early on what their calling is. Others have a hard time finding it beneath the layers of life circumstances that have been thrown upon them.

If you haven’t found your calling, go into the world and experience new art, music, architecture, food, nature, culture and people. Read, travel, learn, meditate, develop networks of friends who are different than you. As you do these things, be aware of what resonates for you, sense what feels right. These feelings, might be a calling pointing you towards a happier, healthier life.

Become a curious explorer and dive deep into the mysteries of your own mind, attitudes and beliefs to unearth where your gift(s) have been buried and then set them free.

You beautiful, wild and whimsy spirit, is something calling you? Don’t be afraid to answer the call.

Toni O’KEEFFE~🌹❤️

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