The emptiness

That emptiness you sometimes feel?
You’re not alone, we all feel it from time-to-time.
Perhaps it’s our souls creating space for;
~ new things,
~ new ideas,
~ new adventures,
~ or new people,
to arrive.

This emptiness may feel like loneliness, sadness, a sense of wanting, or disappointment.

Don’t try to fill it with busyness or inconsequential distractions. Be mindful of it.

Sit with it, walk-ride-hike-paddle-sail-jog, with it. As you do, visualize your heart opening up to receiving the things that are meant for you.

There’s a season for all things and all people, to come in and out of our lives.
Let them come and,
Let them go.

Toni O’KEEFFE ~🌹❤️