Our beautiful silly souls

Our beautiful silly souls are not meant to stay in one place or love just one person.    We are on an adventure, a quest to experience all that we can in this short life.
We are meant to be curious and inquisitive and sometimes impulsive.
We are meant to wander to far off places and roam with strangers seeking to write their life story while at the same time becoming a part of ours.
We are explorers that love to learn and love the company of other travelers.
We are meant to lift others up, and when we witness tragedy seek to do something about.
We are meant to be active participants in the lives of those that share our little blue planet and must protect the environment we call our home.
We are meant to eat cake then walk it off, drink too much wine and pay the consequence, have our hearts broken, feel deep anguish, have our spirits pierced all so we can learn and grow. Then, we are meant to find the strength and courage to see the lessons in our pain, rise up and move on.
If we’re lucky, and our spirit is ready, a time will come when we can pause in one place and with one person and reflect on where we have been and take stock of what is still left to do. Then, together jump back in, each of us on your own journey, yet sharing the path with a kindred spirit as we both find our way home.

TO’K~ 🌹❤️

Toni O’Keeffe ~ The Whimsey Angel

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