My Gypsy heart


May 9, 2017

There’s a voice that has become an echo in my life, always whispering and encouraging my soul to wander, urging me to move from place-to-place, writing new chapters, seeking new adventures, new learning, new sounds, sights and people.
My soul was not meant to live in one place or with one person. I was meant to roam.
One does not wander for all these years without the experience of heartache. My gypsy heart has been caressed, bent, broken and healed countless times. Its thick scars of resilience leaving me filled with gratitude and admiration for those that have loved me, let me go and now forever remain apart my story.
I hear the whisper calling again, signalling another chapter about to unfold.
Hmmm, where and to whom will it takes me?

Toni O’KEEFFE ~ The Whimsey Angel

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