We live in a world of contradiction.

F714B836-AD9F-4A16-9D7E-D39B2217BB6AWe’re told to go out and chase our dreams.
We’re also told NOT to chase who or what we desire but do trust that the universe will provide.
So, which is it? Do you wait for your ship to come in? or, do you swim out to it?
I think the answer is, both.
Most of the time we have to trust our instinct and chase the things we desire or the goals we want to attain.

Then, there are times in life when we feel lost, weak, have a cluttered mind or a spirit that is not at peace. Its at these times that we have to surrender and trust the universe to take over and guide us.

We are the pilots of our journey, but sometimes we need to flip that auto pilot switch and trust that we’re going to land where we are supposed to.

We don’t wake up and think “gee, I have to pump my heart, or move the blood through my veins or breath air into my lungs,” we trust these things are going to happens – and, they do.

So, swim out to your ship. If you lose  your way in the swell of the waves, or the elements around you become too much to bear, lay back, float and trust that the current will carry you to where you’re meant to go.
TO’K ~🌹❤️


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