What mark will be left behind from your one beautiful life?

Sitting here by the fire, watching the snow fall and reflecting on my 50+ year life journey. I have now passed that great milestone marker which is the halfway point of my life and contemplating what the rest of the journey will look like. I’ve decided I have to start unpacking and decluttering things I’ve collected all my life. Some of (most of) these things are attitudes, beliefs, or approaches to life that haven’t serve me very well.

I think about my 106 year-old self and wonder what advice she would give me in her last days of life.
I think she would say, Toni;
– Write the words that have been screaming to come out.
– Say the words that need to be said.
– Love the people you want to love without conditions, without any games, without a score card, love them because your soul knows and loves their soul.
– Release toxic people and toxic things from your life. Spend more time with people that make you laugh and bring you joy.
– Stop having to be right and open your mind to learning everything you possibly can.
– Stop trying to change people because you can’t, love them as they are, or walk away.
– Leave as much kindness and compassion as you can behind.
– Go on grand adventures but also focus time and gratitude on the little things such as; a cozy home, a great cup of coffee, the warms of the sun, the way your toes feels when you wiggle them in the sand, the smell of the forest after it rains, the pets and people that love you, sitting beside a campfire with someone you love and not having to say a word-just being happy because you are with them.
I think my 106 year old self would also remind me that it’s not things that will make my life memorable, it’s people and how we make each other feel and the experiences and laughter we share together.

So climb mountains she’d tell me, cross oceans, blast your tunes and dance in the kitchen. Stand up for what you believe in, unless what you believe is prejudiced of others or judges others, then, ask yourself why you believe these things and don’t be afraid to change what you thought you believed.

Most of all I know she would say, love yourself! Once you do, everything else will fall into place, you will release yourself from the burden of caring what others think, you will enjoy being alone doing the things you love, you will worry less and laugh more, you will forgive yourself for the things that have weighed you down and, you will stop looking for someone to love you❤️.
Hmmm, that 106 year old version of me is wise. I know I will love her when we finally meet.
So, what mark will be left behind from your one beautiful life?

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