Stop being normal

Wanna’ change the world?
I mean really change the world?
Then stop being normal, stop following the pack, stop conforming to peer and family pressure, stop agreeing with things you don’t agree with for the sake of getting along.
You don’t have to follow the party line or behave or think the way your religious or political leaders tell you to. Challenge the status quo, challenge those things that make you crazy and make you shake your head and say “that’s messed up.”
Go out there and shake up somebody’s thinking – chart your own course and carve out your own path.
Todays normal is what has f’d- up the world. The world needs more free thinkers and creative problem solvers.
You don’t have to be normal, the universe just wants you to be you!
014BDFF1-BE79-4999-B2DC-297FD7F6508EI love you ~
The end 😊

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