Thanks for showing up

CE248A8E-331E-43C2-A20E-F05975AC6724.jpegWhether you entered my life for a moment, a minute, a day, a few months, a few years or decades, you are a part of my life story, and I am a part of yours.
You occupy a place in my mind and in the colourful collection of memories that make up my life.
I can bring forward the sound of your voice, the shape of your face and recall the moment or moments we shared together. It’s amazing that all I have to do is close my eyes and there you are.
When we’re born, each of us comes clutching a million puzzle pieces that belong to and will fill in, the lives of others. Some pieces are as a son or daughter, a mother, father, friend, boss, employee, lover, healer, adversary, teacher or guide.
The point is, our lives are connected.
We are a part of each other’s stories.
So let’s write amazing, interesting, exciting, happy, kind, compassionate, loving and memorable words, lines, pages and chapters for each other.
Whether you’re a member of my family, a friend, a colleague, an ex-lover, an acquaintance, a school-mate or a neighbour, you’ve helped shape my story even if it was just a few brief lines, and thats a pretty big deal.
You’re a pretty big deal.
Thanks for the memories

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