What your pain can do for you

37E2BB8D-7108-46D2-99FC-66A6D534D7BDSome of the worlds greatest art, the most moving pieces of music and the greatest novels ever penned were borne through the creators pain.

Depression, anxiety, rage, grief or heartache all have the power to take root and grow into artistry that is passionate, deeply profound, influential, expressive and beautiful or, these emotions can fester and grow tentacles that reach into your heart, rip it apart and paralyze your soul.
There is tremendous energy caged within our negative emotions, imagine if we could harness that power and turn it into positive energy and release it back into the world. We can. Like anything, it just requires practice.

What we often perceive to be our greatest suffering, our deepest pain, if managed, can become our greatest companion, our greatest strength, our greatest motivation, our greatest gift.

Don’t focus on what your pain is doing TO you ~ focus on what your pain can do FOR you.

T’OK~ 🌹❤️

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