You deserve to shine

01ACF0E2-977C-4423-B7B5-1E03D836049DFor anyone silently fighting🌹❤️

We all fight pain and demons our family and friends have never met. Depression, addiction, grief, substance abuse, anxiety, heartache, loneliness, physical pain or a host of other painful life challenges that take hold of us and drag us into the darkness of their shadow.
When we go through these things we might feel like we’re alone, but, we never are. There’s usually an army of people waiting to help us when we’re ready to help ourselves.
It takes strength and courage
to face your pain and leave it behind forever.
You get to decide when you’ve had enough.
When YOU do decide you’re ready,
you’ll be surprised at the size of the army that will assemble to help you beat whatever is hurting you.
If you allow your pain to hold you, no one else can.
Step out of the shadow of your pain and back into your light.
Because you deserve to shine.
~ TO’K~🌹❤️”

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