I feel you hurting ~ 🌹❤️

Never apologize or hide when the heaviness of life bears down upon you. You don’t have to be strong, you can release your anguish upon the world ~ there is always someone that will listen.

The agony brought on by sadness, grief, betrayal, heartache, physical pain and defeat can lead us to dark places.

What I know about ALL the bad days I have ever had, they all came to an end, so will yours.

On the days that you can’t find the light in your life, stop struggling and let your pain flow through you.

Be kind to yourself, reach out to those that love you and remind yourself that you have gotten through days like this before.

If you can’t find the light, create the light;

– putter in the garden and remind yourself that beautiful things grow from the dirt and the dark.

– journal and leave your pain on the page.

– connect with nature; walk through a forest, dip your toes in the ocean and bury your feet in the sand

– light a candle, soak in the tub and listen to your favourite tunes while sipping on a glass of wine

– meditate

– make music, make art, make cake😋

– stare up at the stars, breath and remind yourself that all pain comes to an end.

– If someone has hurt you or rejected you, remember their actions HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU, and everything to do with who THEY are.

– do whatever you have to do to brighten your glow.

And, if you need a hand to hold while you find your way back, I offer mine.

You are not alone.~ You REALLY are not alone.

You are a beautiful miracle, your pain is not an accident, it is an uncomfortable part of this human journey that will lead you to beautiful places.

Wishing you healing and light💛


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