Look up

8D6B1381-4098-4C8C-942D-621262A91868Look up from the busyness of your day, from your phone, your desk, your computer, the TV or anything else that disconnects you from the natural world.

Look up to the stars and marvel at how small yet so perfect we all are.

Look up into the mountains and believe that you can climb them.

Look up when you hear a child giggle and remember what it was like to play and to dream.

Look up into the forest and “hear” the silence and just breathe.

Look up beyond the moon and the glow of the entire universe and know that whatever troubles your mind will pass.

Your heart will soften, your mind will quiet, your body will ease and your soul will wake, when you pause, and just ~ look ~ up.

TO’K ~🌹❤️

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