Embrace the Storm


We can stay safe, warm and comfortable under the shelter of our fears, or, we can run into the storm, waving our arms in wild delight and greet the waves that are about to crash onto the shores of ours lives.

Yes your hair will get tussled. You may be blown to the ground, get bruised and have debris fill your eyes. But oh how glorious it will be to know courage, to feel your heart race and have your entire being awaken to living fully in that moment.

When the wave crashes down, you will get soaked, it may even pull you into cold, unfamiliar, deep, dark, waters. But you’re strong, you will find your way back. And, when the next storm hits, it won’t be so unfamiliar, you’ll be stronger and it will be easier to swim to shore.
And then, the sun will return.

Embrace the exhilaration that comes when a storm blows in and every fibre of your body and soul feel FULLY alive. Because, one day,
YOU won’t be.

TO’K ~ 🌹❤️

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