Dying to shine

My ramblings are often born from feelings I get about what the people in my life might be going through.

I may not have seen you for weeks, months or years, yet, sometimes, there is just a sense of “knowing.”

If you think the little piece below is for you, then, it is.

Wishing you settlement and a peaceful heart🙏💕


Dying to shine

~ a message from your soul

There is a heaviness weighing

us down and hiding “our” light.

This heaviness is dark and

has been stitched together with doubt, fear, regret, self-sabotage, guilt and self-judgement.

Its time to release us from the burden of this darkness.

Lay it down and leave it behind.

Open your heart to me, to healing, to peace, self-love, joy and let’s create light, because, I’m dying to shine.

Love ~ Your Soul ❤️

TO’K ~ 🌹❤️

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