It’s time

Hello sweet soul.

This is death calling.

You and I, we will have lots of time together.

But, this one beautiful life you’ve been given, it’s time to live it.

Those stories you’ve been telling yourself, about yourself;

“I’m a victim”,

“I’m not good enough,”

“I’m emotionally unavailable,”

“I’ll sabotage myself,”

“I’m broken”,

“I’ve got lots of time”

“I’m too sick,”

“It’s their fault,”

“They’ll change’

“I can’t,”

Stop it.

It’s time to write a new story, one that allows you to see the learning in everything that has hurt you and re enforces that;

~ You can

~ You are not a victim,

~ You are good enough,

~ You are worthy,

~ You will not sabotage yourself,

~ You are not broken,

~ You are well, strong and able,

~ The things that hurt you, are in the past, it’s time to heal.

It’s time to;

~ stop making excuses.

~ stop blaming other people.

~ stop worrying about what others think, or do, or how they live their lives.

It’s time to say I’m sorry, I love you, or whatever it is you’ve been struggling to say. If you broke it, it’s time to fix it or, ask for help so you can fix it.

It’s time;

~ to forgive.

~ to take care of you.

~ to be grateful for all that is good in your life

~ to release yourself from the burden of fears, toxic relationships, addictions, the past and the worries that cause you pain, because they do not serve you. If you need help to do this, reach out.

It’s time to use the gifts you were given to live your best life.

It’s time to be kind, compassionate and gentle with yourself.

I’ll see you soon enough sweet soul, until then, it’s time, it’s just time.

TO’K ~ 🌹❤️

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