Tiny gifts

The universe is sending you gifts this beautiful Autumn weekend.

I promise, if you look, you will find them.

They will arrive on the waves that gently land onto sandy shores or crash harshly onto rocky cliffs.

They will be riding in on sunbeams that illuminate raindrops and make everything glisten after a storm.

You will find them in the forest amongst multi-coloured leaves, tall trees and the distinct earthy smell that rises after the rain finds its way to the forest floor.

Your gift may fly in on the wind as it distorts clouds, rustles trees and kisses your cheeks as it blows the world around.

You might find your gift in the kindness of a stranger that says hello and smiles as you pass each other on the street or, it might be in the laughter and excitement of children playing tag, carving pumpkins or using umbrellas as sceptres and swords.

Perhaps your gift will be a few unexpected happy moments when you bump into an old friend, or receive an invitation to share a meal with family.

Your gift might even be in the quiet that comes when you claim some time alone to be with your thoughts, a good book and a cozy pair of socks.

No matter how you are feeling as you go into the weekend ahead, there are gifts waiting for you to find them. You can choose to look away towards the mundane or, you can choose to see the million tiny miracles that have been sent just for you, not just today or tomorrow but every ~ single ~ day.

TO’K ~ 🌹❤️

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