I believe in magic.

I believe in magic.

I really do.

Each of us is born with a gift that is

meant to be shared.

Your gift might be creating music, poetry, art, laughter, dance,

healing, hope or joy.

Your gift could also be your physical strength, the ability to chart the sky, protecting, teaching or inspiring others.

It could be anything.

Your gift is where the magic lives.

We all have one or many gifts that we bring into the world.

Life, the education system, our jobs, often force us to hide our natural gifts, to stuff ourselves into little boxes that don’t feel right because they are not meant for us.

When we are not being our authentic selves, sadness, depression, frustration, confusion and a sense of longing creeps in.

Be bold.

Shine your light.

Share your gifts with the world.

Encourage your children to do the same.

You, your gifts, you’re the magic

I believe in.

TO’K~ 🌹❤️

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