Many, together

Many snowflakes, each one different, bring quiet, stillness and beauty to a noisy world.

Many raindrops tapping together in unison, lull us into peaceful slumber.

Many flowers blooming, their delicate petals and sturdy stems bending gently with the wind become a work of art.

Many trees standing together shape the forest And provide a tranquil retreat for creatures, big and small.

Many birds gliding across the sky in a uniform dance, create hypnotic shapes and movement that cause us to stop, exhale and watch in awe.

Many rivers and streams, flowing in the same direction, create the oceans that give us and our planet life.

Many colours arched in a brilliant shimmer form the rainbow that takes our breath away.

Many twinkling stars scattered across the sky become a canvas of light that guide us home.

Nature has no boarders, no artificial walls, it knows that amazing things are born when we shine together.

TO’K ~ 🌹❤️

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