The Sun shines for ALL of us,

The Sun shines for ALL of us,

She warms, heals and feeds us all.

She does not judge or discriminate.

She will shine for you no matter who you are, who you pray to, what you’ve done, what colour your skin is, how old or what gender you are,

She is the energy that sustains us, lights our path and lifts our spirits after life’s storms.

She’s always there.

Even after the darkest of days, she returns, in fact, she never left.

What if we lived like the sun and choose to brighten the path of everyone we met no matter who they are? Forgave and guided each other through life’s storms without judgement. Provided warmth and healing and became the light for those that can not find their own.

Let’s be like that, let’s be like the sun.

Toni O’Keeffe~🌹❤️

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