“Have a beautiful day”

“Have a beautiful day” a phrase I, and others use often.

But what does that mean ~ exactly?

I believe it means this

Whatever beauty is to you, BE that.

If beauty is kindness ~ be kind.

If you see beauty in a smile ~ give yours (smile) away.

If you find beauty in artistic talent ~ express yourself artistically.

If you find beauty in intimate moments ~ create some.

If you find beauty in culinary expression ~ go wild over the grill.

If you find beauty in nature ~ be in nature and be grateful for all that surrounds you.

If you appreciate the dance of beautiful words stung together to create inspirational poetry or a heart warming novel ~ get lost in a good book.

If beauty is your family, friends or pets ~ spend time with them.

Or, you might find beauty in fashion and makeup ~ so get gussied up and go out.

Beauty is the things that tickle our hearts and bring us to life. Beauty truly does live in the eye and the heart of the beholder. When we become the things we find beautiful, our inner beauty shines outward and that makes the world a “beautiful” place to be.

Be Beautiful 😊

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