Are you enough?

We often judge ourselves for not being enough. But enough “what” exactly?

I’ve had relationships end and wondered why I wasn’t good enough, smart enough, beautiful enough.

I’ve held positions where I left my blood, sweat, tears, time, heart and soul on the floor and still I felt it wasn’t enough.

As a young mom I did everything I thought I could for my children and still I felt I was not enough, not there enough, not supportive enough, did not give enough.

Here’s what I know now. I was enough.

I have always been enough, of me.

You have always been enough, of you.

No-one can make us me feel less than we are, we do that to ourselves.

My broken relationships had nothing to do with either of us not being enough. These relationships ended because we were not compatible and had different expectations.

I have enjoyed a wonderful career and I obviously was enough to have been given the opportunities I had and still have.

My children never asked me to be more, I just thought I should have been, I was wrong. All they wanted from me, was me.

Recognizing that you are enough should not stop you from challenging yourself to be more, in fact it should excite and inspire you to be the best version of yourself. Once we let go of the idea that we are here to please and be accepted by others we set ourselves free to be “ourselves”.

If someone hurts you, leaves you, judges you, does not agree with you, it’s okay, that’s about them, not you. Not everyone will love or even like you, they don’t have to and you don’t have to care.

We’re not built to be compatible with everyone. How boring would that be?

Stop worrying about whether you’re enough. You were born with enough of everything you need to grow into you.

Your expectations of yourself are the only expectations that matter. And that my dear, makes you perfectly enough of you.❤️

OK, enough of that 😉.

Toni O’K~🌹❤️

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