By Toni O’Keeffe

One day I hope you wake up with a sense of “knowing”. A knowing that allows you to realize that each step along your path was a lesson leading you to exactly where you’re supposed to be, which is here living this life, with this tribe.

And in this moment of “knowing”, every heartache, loss, mis-adventure, the chaos, the confusion, the pain, the highs and the lows, are all understood.

And because of this realization, you’re able to release the burden of any, anger, judgment, jealousy, hate or regret, because you now understand these things have never served you, they merely blocked your path.

Yup, one day, I hope we all arrive at this place, a little wiser, kinder, more playful and peaceful, “knowing” we’re all teachers and students, here for each other. And then, we’ll party 🤗🎉

“Let it go, Let it be.
Let you be you, and me be me.”

Toni O’K ~ 🌹❤️

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