Let the good vibes roll

By Toni O’Keeffe

I wake up “almost” every morning excited about the unexpected adventures, learning, inspiration, sights, and sounds the day might bring.

Will I meet someone new? Will I discover a wee hovel or an amazing vista somewhere?

Perhaps the road I choose today will lead to a spark of creative inspiration that motivates me to paint, write or grow something amazing.

It’s this hope, excitement, anticipation and the day-dreaming that lifts me up, tickles my soul and sets the tone for my day AND my life.

No matter what’s causing you pain, or what’s bringing you down, you can still choose to be optimistic, hopeful and excited about what’s to come.

It’s this hope, optimism and our whimsy little dreams that shape our futures and colour our lives.

It’s easy to let fear, pain, pessimism and a lack of dreams cast dark clouds over your future. It’s much easier to allow hope to guide you and brighten your day.

Despite the darkness, we can choose to gaze towards the light and be the happy, hopefully, kind little humans we’re meant to be.

You can do this by;

  • Recognizing you can change your mind set at anytime.
  • Learning something new and getting excited about where this new knowledge might lead you.
  • Taking up a creative pursuit, or rekindling your love of an abandoned hobby, diving into the arts, music, reading, writing, building or creating.
  • Changing the story you’re playing in your head. We believe what we think we are, so, write a story where you see yourself as amazing, happy, hopeful and healthy.
  • Practicing gratitude.
  • Spending time in nature ( for me, an instant pick me up)
  • Visioning what’s possible!
  • Remembering all storms ( every single one) will pass.
  • Eliminating negative, angry, pessimistic people from your life. These relationships are exhausting.
  • Stop being concerned and judgmental about how others are living their lives.
  • Be kind instead of offended or angry.
  • Be aware of what information, images, and ideas your feeding your beautiful mind.

No matter what’s going on for you today, I hope you choose to be enthusiastic about life and hopeful about everything you still want to do, see, learn, discover and explore.

DON’T let what ails you today, be the building block for your tomorrow.
Let those good vibes roll baby❤️

Love Toni

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