Quiet spaces


You’re allowed to step away from everything and everyone demanding anything from you.
You don’t have to explain why, you may not even know why.

You’re allowed to stop and go to your sanctuary.
Perhaps it’s amongst the trees or under the stars. You might find it’s next to the lull of moving water, or in an open field of wild flowers or along a trail that leads you to beautiful vistas. A place that’s tranquil, uncluttered and asks nothing of you other than to enjoy her beauty. A place where you can exhale and surrender to the sound of your soul whispering all she wants you to know. A place you can close your eyes and both listen and HEAR.

We all need quiet spaces away from the noise of the world. Spaces we can show up as the confused, messy, tired little beings we all sometimes become. Spaces away from judgement and expectations. Spaces where we can sort ourselves out, put ourselves back together and heal.

You’re allowed to put down the weight and the burdens you carry; to rest, reflect, and catch your breath.

So do that. Give yourself permission to take a break from all of it “IT” and drown yourself in peace.

Toni O’K~ 🌹❤️☮️

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