We are the poetry

By Toni O’Keeffe

We need not look beyond our own lives, our own hearts, our own curious souls to find the answers.

We are the echos of wisdom left behind by all those that came before us.

We are the foot prints leading towards greater understand of all that is.

We are the songs that ignite passion, tears and dance.

We are the deep whispers that exhale in the night guiding each other home.

We are the chapters and

the puzzle pieces in each others lives.

We are raindrops, heartache and the cover that shelters one another from life’s storms.

We are mountains, forests, oceans, and the wide open spaces that call us to explore.

We are fear, joy, unsettled thoughts and lies. We are the peace, the war and injustice that surrounds us.

We are the colours of our own lives, the magic, the madness and the miracles. We are all the things we seek.


We are the masterpiece we crave to create.

Look inwards my dear ones, that is where you will find the answers to all questions, all pain, all life.

I am the rhythm and the words that will set you and I free.


We are the poetry

TO’K~ 🌹❤️

ON MY WORST DAY – I was still grateful.

On my worst day, I woke up, although a part of me wished I hadn’t.

I dragged my aching soul out from under the covers and hauled myself across the room. Life felt unbearable and hopeless. But still, I had a life.

I stepped outside on to the small balcony of my hotel room and let the wind tussle my hair and let the rain kiss my tear stained cheeks and sooth my crippled soul.

My eyes were swollen, yet, I could faintly see the dim, blue, sky hidden behind hazy, grey clouds. Although I could not see the sun, I knew it was there, hiding and helping life flourish.

My heart was broken, but, it was still beating and I still had the capacity to love.

The ache tore through my entire being, paralyzed my body, but, I could still stand and I could still feel.

I gazed out across the steely cold ocean knowing that beneath the surface of the water beautiful things were alive. And I knew that below the surface of my pain, there was a powerful force swimming in the dark that would help me heal.

I closed my tired eyes and was able to visit the corners of my mind where I held the image of every beautiful soul that had ever wandered in and out of my life. I would need them now.

On my worst day, my very worst day, there was still so much to be grateful for.

Even on your worst days, there will be something beautiful to believe in. Be always grateful for those things.

TO’K ~ 🌹❤️