Be always the curious student


Today, try stepping into your life as a curious student.

For just a day, consider parking your solutions, opinions, advice, judgment and “your way of doing things” and focus your attention towards, listening, learning, observing, being patient, being present, and aware of what’s going on around you.

Let your intellectual walls down and let others teach you. Be a curious and humble student.

If you are the resident problem solver at home or work, or you’re a teacher, coach, boss or an expert in your field, you can practice being a curious student by;
~ asking others for their opinion
~ asking for advice
~ asking others how they might do something differently.
~ letting someone else lead a meeting or lead a class, while you observe.
~ ask others questions on topics they know well, then listen.

None of us know it all.
It’s often the quiet observer who sees and learns the most. These wise souls know we build stronger relationships, learn more about our world, each other and ourselves when we practice observation, stillness and humble curiosity.

Toni O’KEEFFE ~🌹❤️