Your Heart-print

img_7116Our corporate impact, our financial portfolio, our social status, the number of people following our social feeds, POWER, these are NOT the things that define “Success”, well, not in my little mind anyway.

Success should not be solely defined by how high we climb the corporate ladder or our wealth. It should be defined by who we become along the way, what we learn and how we apply that learning to improve our lives and the lives of others. It should be defined by the joy we bring into the world and the positive imprint ( the Heart print) we leave on the hearts of others.

More than ever the world needs more kind hearted heroes, more compassionate teachers and healers, more grateful global citizens and more concerned and passionate stewards of the planet.
As I consider my contribution to humanity and ponder my heart-print the questions I ask myself are;
How have I expressed love, kindness and compassion for the planet and “all” living things?
How have I exercised my natural gifts to make the world a better place for the generations that will follow?
How do I treat and take care of my loved ones, neighbors and community?
How have I taken care of myself so that I can live my best life and be my best self for those who rely on me?
How have I shown up for my children and all children?
How have I evolved my social consciousness and connected with others in positive ways?
Have I made soul-to-soul connections?
Am I enjoying my journey?
When I ponder these questions, I realize I still have some work to do to ensure the heart-print I leave behind is a positive one.
Me, You, all of us – always a work in progress.

~TO’K 🌹❤️


Toni O’Keeffe ~ The Whimsey Angel

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