Canadian Snow Wussies

Come on Canada we’re tougher than this.
We were built for snow.
We learnt how to spell our names in the snow! Yes even the girls!
Our snow-pants are our under-pants!
You were likely conceived in the snow!
We learnt to ride toboggans before we rode bikes.
Some of us got to school sitting on the front of a snow plough.
You live in the great white north for god sake what do you expect?
Pissed off because you can’t get to the gym? Get out and shovel a path to Timmys, pick up your double-double and a dozen Timbits, you’ll work those calories off before you get home.
You know why Canadians don’t go to war? Because we have snowball fights to work that shit out.
We don’t call our Air Force Demonstration Squadron “The Snowbirds”for nothing!
You wanna’ bitch about “snowflakes”? bitch about the political snowflakes down south.
Yes theres more snow coming, there will always be more snow coming, YOU LIVE IN CANADA
Relax, put on your favorite plaid PJs, go pull a cold one out of the snow pile in your back yard, turn on a hockey game, finish off your Timbits (ever try them wrapped in bacon,Yum) and settling in.
You are Canadian – you were built for this 🙂

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