You deserve to live in the real world.

As the sun rises over your day, you deserve the gift of time to observe and experience everything around you thats beautiful.

You deserve the gift of silence and serenity that’s found when you step into the natural world.

You deserve to inhale the sweet essence of ocean mist, forest foliage and rosebuds as they awaken your senses.

You deserve sunlight drenching you in warmth and bathing your mind, body and spirit in healing, brilliant light.

You deserve to walk barefoot on the sand allowing it to tickle your toes as the sound of waves roll in soothing every fibre of your being, bringing you to a state of calm.

You deserve to close your eyes and feel the wind kiss your face and blow through your hair as your entire body exhales, releasing your worries, your pain and your fears.

You deserve to lie down upon a carpet of soft, green moss and let your mind take flight as chickadees, sparrows and starlings dance in the sky and sing you their delight.

You deserve the stillness and tranquility that comes when you retreat and allow your spirit to breath and exhale.

As the sun sets on what has been a perfect day, you deserve to melt into the lap of Mother Nature, allowing her to caress your soul as you fall into a peaceful unencumbered slumber.

Every once and awhile, you deserve to press pause, unplug from the noise in your life and rekindle the romance between you and the “real” world.

Toni O’Keeffe ~ 🌹❤️

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