Life is messy,

Our journey to figure out who we are is messy.

Paint dripping on to a canvas…run-on sentences and misspelt words …..stacks of bricks and mortar….cake batter dripping off the end of a beater…a seedling stuck in the dirt…all these things are messy; until they’re worked, shaped, built, baked or grow into what they’re meant to be, e.g; a masterpiece, a best selling novel, a home, a cake, a rose.

Being human is supposed to be messy.

We don’t stop painting, writing, building, baking or planting because it’s messy, we keep going and growing until we get to where we’re meant to be.

My messy life has been my path. And although I haven’t always understood why certain things happened or where I was heading, my path has lead me to extraordinary people, colourful adventures and insightful self discovery. Our messy, unpredictable, multicoloured adventures are THE PATH and THE PATH IS your life

So hang in there, things are going to get messy, and messy ain’t bad.

Toni O’K~🌹❤️

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