What are you filling up on?

For most of our adult lives we attempt to balance two cups.

The first cup holds our fear, worry, regret, resentment, disappointment, expectations of others, anger and jealousy.

This toxic first cup is always overflowing. We carefully carry this poisonous cup around trying not to spill it. In fact, we often keep a lid on that cup thats so tight nothing gets out, creating a pressure cooker on the verge of an explosion.

The second cup holds our joy, happiness, love, compassion and kindness. It never seems full enough. We’re always seeking to add more to the second cup while at the same time carrying the weight and stress of the first cup around.

Guess what? You’re allowed to dump everything, absolutely everything, from the first cup and leave it behind.

You don’t have to carry the cup or it’s toxic contents any more, they add no value to your life.

With the contents of the first cup out of your way you’ll make room to bring more of whats good into your life.

When your happiness cup is full, pour some of what you have into the lives of those that need it the most.

We get to choose what we fill up on. Yet, we generally keep lugging that damn first cup around because we think that is what we’re supposed to do, its what we’ve learnt to do. But you don’t have to, you can put that first cup down, leaving all that it holds behind.

Toni O’Keeffe🌹❤️

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