None of us are doing this alone

Sweet beautiful soul, you were not dropped on to a planet with 7.5 billion other souls to go it alone.

I know there are days when you feel lost.

Days you just want somebody to show up for you. Days you just wish you could turn to someone and say “Can you take over and take care of me today because I can’t do this right now.”

However, it’s not always in our best interest if someone flys in and saves the day.

There are critical times in our lives when we have to walk our path alone. These are the times we do our greatest learning. The struggle is necessary and is part of our growth and survival. Being alone can be healthy and good, it’s during these times that we sort ourselves out.

Sometimes (not always) the most loving thing family and friends can do is allow us to struggle alone, to live our learning so we can survive. And that’s where you’re NOT ALONE. We ALL go through periods in life when being alone with our pain is necessary.

When you think you’re alone, stop thinking and remember this, you are “alone” with 7.5 billion people all going through their own struggle. We all have to learn how to walk or we fall, swim or we sink, get burnt so we don’t get burnt again.

There is light beyond your pain and beyond the light is a tribe waiting to welcome you back.

We’re part of the same family, the same tribe, all 7.5 billion of us. None of us are doing this alone.

TO’K~ 🌹 ❤️

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