BE with Love

BE with Love❤️

Can we all stop fighting for love and just BE with Love? Even the term “Fight For Love” is hostile and a bit of an oxymoron.

Back in the days of our Neanderthal ancestors there was some fighting, hair pulling and a bit of clubbing (different than the type of clubbing that goes on these days to find a mate), but people, we have evolved, or have we?

Divorce rates for first time marriages in North America hover around 40% and second time marriage divorce rates are at 60%. I believe this is related to the false and unsustainable fronts some people create until that little gold (or I guess these days platinum) band is wrapped around their finger.

When we allow ourselves to BE with love, it means we are BEING our authentic self. We are BEING real about who we are, what our flaws and phobias are and BEING who we are meant to be. It means both partners are BEING clear about what they want their lives to look like, so they’re not trying to change each other after they’re well into a relationship.

When we approach love this way the right people will be drawn to us. If someone wants to be in your life based on who you really are, they will show up for you. If they are not interested, they are not meant for you. It should be simple; be honest about who you are and let people fall in love with the real you, not a manufacturer version of you.

If you have to fight, stalk, manipulate, or tolerate unhealthy behaviours, that’s not love.

So can we please stop encouraging people (especially young people) to fight for love, or to conspire to find love. We might be telling them to chase or fight for things and people not meant for them.

Encourage them to BE with love, to be patient with love, to be themselves, and if they need to work on themselves first encourage them to do that before they partner up.

My god the entire world seems to be fighting for something; for peace, for power, for human dignity, for control, the last thing we need to fight for is love.

Sending you warm wishes for a beautiful day, May you BE with Love with the one you Love💕

Toni O’K~🌹❤️

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